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DocTracer is a robust document management suite that aims to streamline operations in document-centric organisations.

Manage Documents Intelligently

With the increasing data flows in today’s organisations document management is becoming an integral part of being in business. DocTracer streamlines the entire document handling process with bulk uploads, tagging, and categorization of documents. Once files are uploaded powerful field extractors can be used to extract revision numbers, titles, and custom strings from document metadata. This effectively automates the work that an employee would traditionally have to do, saving considerable labour and eliminating costly errors.

DocTracer is designed to be as intuitive as possible, any employee can access it without extensive systems knowledge or training. This distributes the responsibilities of document management throughout the organisation and mitigates the risk of too much knowledge being tied up in one individual.

Stay Updated

One of the greatest strengths of DocTracer is its intelligent notification and revisioning system. Whenever a document is uploaded DocTracer runs a comparison with its current database, if the document is found to be a new version of an existing file then the revision number is automatically updated and the old file archived. Every user tied to the document is then notified and synced.

Your users will always have the latest document, eliminating the risk of costly mistakes arising from using old information.

Centralize and Streamline

All your organisation’s documents will be securely held in one place with DocTracer’s centralized data store, allowing easier access and management of company data. Sophisticated search and retrieval means that documents can be found and used instantaneously without exploring complex organisational systems, and infinite document linking guarantees that all the information on a given issue is at hand when it’s needed. On top of this DocTracer maintains a 100% audit-ready archive of all documents past and present.

Check-in check-out security systems mean that you’ll always know when documents are accessed and by whom, while also giving the ability to effortlessly manage document permissions across your organisation.

Digitize Operations

Streamline previously laborious manual tasks with DocTracer’s intelligent digital tools. Advanced print-cue management with auto-rotation and document ordering means that you’ll never have to reprint or check a document again. Electronic stamping and document previews allow you to handle and send documents without needing to print at all, and seamless transmittal management ensures information is never missed.

Document mismanagement is one of the largest hidden costs in business, optimize your organisation today with DocTracer.